Earn points, coupons, and discounts by walking with our app!

Track your steps daily

Built-in pedometer function tracks the number of steps taken, distance walked, and calories burnt each day

Earn coupons and save

Convert your steps into points and coupons, which give you discounts in restaurants all over campus

Earn medals

Complete achievements to compare with friends

Hatch your pet

Watch your adorable pet hatch and grow as you walk!

Our Story

In 2022, two visionary MBA students at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) - Tracy Wong and Natalie Cheung - conceived an innovative idea. Their mission? To revolutionize fitness and sustainability on our campus. Their triumph in the Sustainable Smart Campus Student Competition led to the creation of our remarkable fitness app.

Our app turns fitness into a lifestyle rather than a chore. It tracks each step you take, transforming your everyday campus life into a rewarding fitness journey. The unique twist? Every step accrues MoveUST points, redeemable at campus merchants and restaurants.

Thanks to the tireless dedication of our entire team and the invaluable support from the Sustainable Smart Campus (SSC), we've transformed HKUST into a living gym. Every step you take not only contributes to your health but also rewards you. Stay fit, earn rewards, and contribute to a sustainable campus life.

Join us. Download the app, start moving and start earning. At HKUST, every step counts!

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